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First time & month TTC,confused!!!?


My LPM was Jan 5th, before that Dec 10th.

I posted a Q on here last week and was told I have a 31 day cycle and my fertile days were between the 19th-23rd. I have ovulated abit earlier this month and not sure what exact DPO I am,either 9 or 10?!

Had sex between those dates,here is what I've noticed so far,I'm not very hopeful;

1-3 DPO nothing

4 DPO-sore nipples only,mild lower back ache

5 DPO-Cramping

7 DPO-sudden wave of nausea gone within a minute,heightened sense of smell (this is normal for me though,I have a strong sense of smell)

8 DPO-continued cramping,abit moody

9 DPO-cramping,nausea at night,cried for ages for no reason,headache BFN

10 DPO- Cramping,nausea,backache has returned,still have sore nipples (no sore boobs like usual before AF) BFN

Since ovulation ive had continuos/lots of white/creamy discharge I have never had this before for this long after EWCM I get it for 1 day usually.

I don't think my chances are looking good,when to test next? My AF should be due 5th Feb onwards.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated,thanks in advance.

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    Wait until u miss a period then test. Track ur ovulation days and have sex often in that time frame. Rest and relax it will happen. Good luck

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    the only thing would be just to wait

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