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Do I have to pay for my braces if my Invisalign treatment didn't work?

So my dentist told me that Invisalign would correct my cross bite and straighten my teeth. I payed $5000 for the treatment. 2 years later it dint work, and have no given up on the treatment. Ive gone to 2 other dentist with in the same company and they both told me that Invisalign would have never worked on my teeth, nor would it have corrected my cross bite(as promised). Now that I am in route to get traditional braces, my Invislaign dentist is only giving me credit for $1500. Can she do that? Is there a way that I can get more credited to me since two other dentist have said that her recommendation of the treatment was incorrect? Please help.

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    each orthodontist/MD has HIS own vision about what will work for a patient. there are no black and white rules or 100% guarantees! I am a nurse and i can see how certain doctors "love to order" a certain IV fluid for example.

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    She doesn't have to give u any money back, unless it was in a contract. Be greatful. I'm.sure u were warned it doesn't always work.

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    You could sue, but it is doubtful if you would win. Medical (and dental) treatments are not guaranteed.

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