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Lorazepam 1mg or .5mg?

The doctor presribed this to help me with sleeping. I took it for the last 4 nights and although I still woke up through the night, I actually fell back to sleep witch is just unheard of for me! I googled the med today (which I should have done before) and now I realize how addictive it can be. My dr. gave me 30 - but I am scared to take it anymore. I emailed her and she recommended taking it for one week straight - but then I read that even with a low dosage one can be addicted in a week! should I just flush them?!?!?

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    No. If you take them as prescribed then you wont be addicted. the reason it says that is because people abuse Benzopines to get high and then get hooked. If they are meant for you and you take them as directed by your doctor you will be fine. Ive taken them for a year straight and stopped taking them with no side effects but if you need help sleeping and don't want to risk addiction try Melatonin 5mg and talk to your doctor before stopping any medications.

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    A small mental addiction maybe but you won't get physically addicted in a week

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