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does that looks like cancer or lymphoma help denisedds?

from more than a year i start feeling very itchy skin between my groin area (between my legs)

with a very red skin

my family doctor said its a Fungi incfection

now i feel only a very itchy skin my groin area (between my legs)

and in the left thigh i feel like there is a many small balls under my skin when rub my skin also i feel itchy on my scrotum

also my skin is not red like it was in the past

but if i rub soo hard due to the itchy it will be a red skin

please help do i have lymphoma or cancer please

im 25

no family history of that kind of cancer in my family

i have midcation for fungal infection i feel good when i use but it will happen again with me days after

maybe because im not using it a lot


i was checked by my doctor 1 year ago and he said its fungi infection

Update 2:

i just want to khnow what is my chance for this to be cancer or lymphoma

im soo worry please help

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    Keeping clean and dry is important. Fungus likes moist places.

    Clean and dry clothing, towels, linens, etc. will help keep fungus growth to a minimum.

    It is not wise to use a towel which has been wet/used and just dried; towels, underwear, etc. have to be washed and dried.

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