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Got caught looking at online advice page?

ok , so there is this girl i like and one night after coming from class i took her out for something to eat(nothing fancy just some burgers and fries) so while we were eating she picked up my laptop and i forgot that i was looking online earlier on "how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend" ( i haven't had much experience with woman) and she opened the page and saw it then she just closed it..i have never been more embarrassed as a male in my entire life.she didnt say anything and neither did im not sure what to think..i think she must now think as me as a loser or something...any advice on how i should maybe play it off because i don't want her to think of me like a weirdo or anything...............PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS

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    It's none of her business. It's just a silly little mistake. I wouldn't worry about it. Sure, it's normal you're a little embarassed, but don't freak out over it. Answer mine?;_ylt=AnCm0...

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    Tell her you let someone borrow the laptop and don't know anything what they did with it

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