Shugo chara amu and ikuto <33?


-spaz attack-

Okay. So I just want people's opinions on amuto, because she is a year younger than me in the second season, and I can't really imagine being with someone in seniors (in uk sixth form) it's just weird.. But I still love them, and in my own head I make fanfiction of her slightly older. But anyway I wan't YOU'RE opinion. Also does Utau love ikuto.. They're SIBLINGS! I mean she loved hin in THAT way.. Eurghh -shivers.-

Also I can't stand TADASE! He's such a GIRL! OMG ! SO irritating and nice.. I like hot sexy ikuto ;)

Thanks .. :P

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  • 9 years ago
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    ^_^ I'm a huge fan of Amuto, actually.

    >.> And gosh, did Tadase piss me off every time he basically flirted with Amu, ESPECIALLY when Ikuto was right there. It was OBVIOUS that Amu wanted Ikuto.

    At first, I thought of her and Ikuto as, like, close friends (though I still hated Tadamu because I questioned Tadase's sexuality. ^_^ Still do.) in the beginning, up until the third episode. I immediately thought "0.0 ....THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER, THEY ARE SO HOT TOGETHER!" As it went on, hated Tadase, loved Ikuto, love Amuto. ^_^ End of that.

    Now, on to Ikutau... I'll admit, in the beginning, I thought they were cute together, but that was WAY before I found out they were siblings. I even thought Utau was his girlfriend! Then episode 29 rolled around, and I went like "...Wait. WHAT? WHAT?! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" And then more Amuto and I was sane again.

    And in love, age makes no difference. I mean, her mom accepted him. ^_^ So Amuto wins!

  • 9 years ago

    haha thats alot to answer...i think im Japan age has no barrier like it does here in the US or UK. Amu and Ikuto are adorable together. i hate how they ended the series but eh...shugo chara party was gay...i just kept skipping those little shows in the beginning to get to the real story...but anyway (got od subject) i think its fine for them to be together age difference has no meaning. next, in Japan its common to have inner family relationships but yes its still creepy. Thank God they didnt end up together or id be seriously creeped out and unhappy with the series then. TADESE IS A CREEP AND AN IDIOT! Yes, sexy Ikuto is my choice as well over gay Tadese. i cant stand him. Amuto forever<3 hope i helped...though im not sure what i was answering in my crazy babble lol....:)

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  • mccall
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    4 years ago

    i specific might choose to finally finally end up with ikuto! he fell in love along with her, and she or he starts to take a liking on him,even she and tadase are going out! whilst the time comes, they're going to could unite the dumpty key and the humpty lock!and that i undergo in ideas that final time they had to achieve this, it became a lovey-dovey environment and ikuto almoast kissed her!!! So,i specific desire amu grows up a sprint say hi to ikuto and (unfortunatly) sayonara to tadase!!! yet, this is going to take a protracted time........:(

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