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what are the politicians up to?

as in, people in the government who make decisions, aren't they suppose to be the cleverest of the bunch? then why do they come up with stupid things like SOPA, that's what i dont get, to get in their position you thought they had to be clever, but how come they don't think things through first?

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    Lining their pockets.

    Source(s): Idiom: line (one's) pockets To make a profit, especially by illegitimate means.
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    That is a damn good question and I for one would love to know. Particularly of the Republicans.

    The Keystone XL project Republicans are so hot to get is to bring oil from Canada to be EXPORTED from the United States. Energy wise it's not helping the U.S. at all. Canada gets the money while the United States carries all the risk. Who the hell would go for such a deal?

    Furthermore all the jobs they keep talking about are all temporary and added over several years even then it's under 6,000. So the United States is not getting anything but a clean up bill. Assuming it could be cleaned at all. Why take such a huge risk for nothing in return?

    Since the United States as a country is getting nothing out the deal but the environmental risk what are the Republicans getting?

    US: 'Serious' questions on pipeline bill

    "where oil could be shipped to China and other Asian markets"

    What is republican Eric Cantor getting from the oil companies that he insists on giving them taxpayer money as profitable as those companies are.

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    9 years ago

    Some of them are just fvcknvts crazy!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No damn good...

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