Who is the best Detroit Red Wing player to ever play the game?

Since this is my team's week....feel free to add any details you would like!


lol I'll let you enjoy that win, since the Habs are at the bottom of the standings...but it would be nice if you could also at least answer my question w/ your opinion. Thanks.

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    As one of the few who have actually seen Gordie Howe play I have to go with him. I absolutely love Tuna's answer and Lidstrom is capable of things so simplistic they go relatively unnoticed by the casual fan. His hockey sense is off the charts good, more so than Mr. Hockey even. And so very good with the nod to Lirianov, had he been able to play here from day one we might be talking about him the exact same way we talk about Gretzky. But that said while Nick can control a game in his way Gordie had an on ice presence that is hard to understand for most. In my fairly long life I have seen with my eyes only 4 players who caused chaos every time they were on the ice by sheer presence and they were Howe, Orr, Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. By the standards of his day Gordie was a very large man who very easily commanded room on the ice, guys didnt get too close to him and you could almost smell fear from opposing players at times. He had hands and vision that defied such a large man for that time, there werent the slick shifty guys back then like we see today but Howe did have a deftness for that time. He could see plays develop like few could, he was equally able with or without the puck and could deke you, win a battle in the corner, punish you if need be, play behind the net or right in front of the net with equal skill. It is hard to explain but when you sat in the stands you didnt even have to watch line changes to know he was entering the ice, you could tell by the noise and reactions of the other team more often than not. I have only seen that watching Gretzky since, not even Mario or Bobby orr commanded that kind of respect at that level.

    I have argued here that Sawchuk may be the best goalie of all time so I would be wrong to not mention it now. He did amazing things in an era that included many years of no backups, there was no such thing as massage therapists (to an extent, they actually did do some rudimentary stuff), no mask and probably most important is they faced the same 5 teams over and over again. I respect the Roys and Brodeurs but they piled up planty of wins against some pretty sorry teams in this era ofover saturationn of teams. It is one thing to pile up wins against the Islanders, Panthers and such but quite another thing to continually beat Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Chicago and New York after long train rides night after night.

    @Tuna....absolutely correct. Lidstrom is the best I have ever seen at doing just that. His calmness is beyond comprehension for me, I see plenty of defensemen who make smart safe plays but Nick is so good at controlling the ice (at both ends, he is so dangerous in the offensive zone just because he is so smart and calm). He is right there at the top (I know the Wings haters will argue about others....but hate is so blinding) and I have Lidstrom as a more important player to the WIngs than anybody not named Howe or Sawchuk. But I would put him at pretty close to equal status with both. Good offense wins games but great defense wins championships......and you are so spot on about the role of the defender and of Lidstrom.

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    Datsyuk and Lidstrom probable could start up, yet by using fact it fairly is a popularity contest, gamers like Brian Campbell and Mike Komisarek are commencing. yet another snub is Alexander Ovechkin (probable a extra suitable decision than Alex Kovalev). I nonetheless think of the present starters are worth, yet there are fairly extra suitable applicants. no longer lots you're able to do approximately it, yet a minimum of gamers like Zetterberg can take a while without work from hockey. Bob - I agree, Lidstrom isn't the final D-guy ever. even nevertheless, you will possibly be able to make a controversy for Pavel Datsyuk being the final all-around participant interior the NHL immediately thinking his potential to pass, skate, score, stick cope with, and play protection all at an enormously extreme point. Few gamers can convey all of those mixed skills to the table like Datsyuk can. Ovechkin and Crosby will nonetheless positioned up extra factors nevertheless. Bob - relies upon on what you're finding for. Iginla and Thornton are great gamers, yet Datsyuk provides solid protective play without sacrificing offense. additionally, he's rather affected person and would not take many effects or retaliate, nevertheless often times that could nicely be a favorable component.

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    There has been alot of great Red Wing players but I'd have to put the top in this order.

    Steve Yzerman

    Gordie Howe

    Nicklas Lidstrom

    Terry Sawchuk

    Pavel Datsyuk

    Dominic Hasek (better known for Buffalo, but he made me a Detroit fan)

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    10 years ago, even five years ago this was an easy answer of Howe and move along.

    This is the problem, Lidstrom has shown himself to slowly move up the all time list. Much like Gretzky his greatness can not be shown in a skills competition. He sees the game in a way that others can not understand. Howe was before my time so I have not been able to study him as much, but from what I have seen he was physical skill and brute force. Lidstrom, as he learned from Larionov (whose name might be in this conversation if he had been in the NHL earlier) how to not just react to the play, but to control where the play would go. It became a chess match. In fact let me talk about Larionov a minute, no not his daughter. He is the first person I saw that would use the boards behind the night to set up a one timer to himself. He saw the ice in a way no one ever has, yes this includes Gretzky in my opinion. In the early 80's there was ever comparisons between the two. Because his talent was never fully developed (Russia had to limited of talent pool to allow full potential to be reached) the comparisons quickly stopped.

    Back to the original question though. Looking at Howe and Lidstrom you have two different eras, to different positions, and two different Wings teams (well in Howe's case maybe 4 different teams) Personal hardware is about even.

    I am going to push on this answer. At this point there is too many variables to give a defiant this or that answer to. It comes down to the old Howe couldn't play in Lidstrom's era, and Lidstrom couldn't have made it in Howe's era.

    Thank You

    I am going to throw this out here VIP.. wouldn't an important aspect of a defenseman be to limit the chaos on the ice, to instead bring that calmness and ultimately control what is going to happen in their zone? Often offensive players get more attention for being able to knock other teams out of their stradegy, but shouldn't the opposite be a desired trait of a defensive player since for effective defense a team must function as one, whereas when it comes to scoring individual play matters so much, rather it be in finding opening, passing to opening or winning races to loose pucks?

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    Best ever for Detroit is a hard pick because we have had all the greats in all the positions like Terry Sawchak for goal Gordie Howe for points Steve Yzerman for best captain and Nick Lindenstrom in a Defense-man. i have enjoyed watching the wings even in the late 80s early 90s when they weren't making the play-offs and Glen Handlin was the goalie but that bring me to the point of one of the best people for the wings was Ken Holland starting off by drafting Steve Yzerman and starting to build a team around and started to scout outside of Canada and the US to make a density team.

    @Habs Fan i like that game because it should me if my goalie gets pulled in a game were he gets whooped he doesn't start crying and want to get traded... ring any bells???

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    May not be the greatest, but the Detroit Red Wing that had the biggest impact on the game was Terrible Ted Lindsay, who spearheaded the movement towards forming the Players Association.

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    Forward:Gordie Howe (A legend)

    Defenceman:Nicklas Lidstrom

    Goalie:Terry Sawchuk

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    Either Gordie Howe or Nick Lidstrom

  • Either Steve Yzerman or Gordie Howe.

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    He's not the best to ever play for Detriot, but Dominik Hasek will always be my favorite Red Wing to ever play the game, can't get much #Filthier than the Dominator!

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