Why GOPs in current house and senate don't like Newt Gingrich?

Personal or any other issues between them? What issues happened when Gingrich was House speaker? I was kind of young that time.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The Republicans are a much more unified party than the Democrats. Often they have a national strategy that all the Republicans in the country cooperate with.

    Under GW Bush, for instance, the nationwide strategy was designed by Karl Rove. It had to do with creating a one-party system in the US by discouraging voting in liberal neighborhoods, partly through voter intimidation and prosecuting fake cases of voter fraud. Bush fired several US attorneys when they refused to cooperate in this program.

    In the 90s, the national strategy as determined by Newt Gingrich. Newt 'nationalized' the election of 1994. Instead of campaign contributors giving to various congressional candidates, as they always had, Newt got them all to donate to his PAC, GOPAC. Then Newt's staff doled out the money to various races where it would do the most good. Newt sent letters to the candidates with a list of words to use in their speeches and mailings, words that had done well with focus groups.


    As Speaker of the House, Newt ruled with an iron fist. Any Republican in the House who didn't vote the way Newt told him to would wake up the next morning to find he'd been taken off all his committees.

    Then Newt got the idea to tell campaign sponsors that they couldn't contribute to both parties to cover their bets (as contributors used to do). He even told them how much they had to contribute. (Which is EXTORTION!)

    Finally, the Republicans investigated Newt and nearly ejected him from Congress. It didn't help that Newt got caught in his own minor sex scandal, carrying on with a mistress at the same time he was leading the impeachment of Clinton. Newt quit Congress at the very height of his powers. Then he went into lobbying, to sell his influence.

    Newt is a 100% political animal. The man has no principles at all. Like Romney, he has been on every side of every issue, depending on what side paid the most at the time. Except Romney acts all ashamed of his flip-floppyness while Newt either firmly denies it or makes some good-sounding excuse.

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    There are many lies being told about Gingrich and many of them are from Romney. Gingrich was found innocent of the ethics violation that he had to pay $300,000 for the investigation. The IRS, after a 3 years investigation, said that Gingrich did nothing wrong.

    Ex wives are seldom going to be flattering to their ex husbands. Nobody knows what really happens between two people in a 19 year marriage. It was in bad taste to even run the interview.

    Gingrich's ethics charges were brought up in 1995 by the person he defeated in the congressional election. He was just seeking revenge. The Democrats hated Gingrich because he was responsible for the Republicans regaining the majority in the House and Senate for the first time in 40 years. He really shook things up. He was largely responsible for welfare reform which the Democrats also hated. Gingrich worked with Clinton to balance the budget which took about 3 years of major cuts, a lot of which came from the military. Republicans took a lot of heat for that and you may be aware that the military is the pet of Republicans.

    Then Gingrich wouldn't leave the Lewinski matter rest. He had Clinton testify and of course, he lied. Then Gingrich pushed for impeachment. While in some ways this may have benefited the Republicans, it was an issue that detracted largely from the problems in the country at the time. Eventually even the Republicans realized this had a detrimental effect on the party and the Republs lost some seats in the next election although they still held the majority. They blamed Newt for that and wouldn't work with him anymore so he resigned 3 days after winning his next election.

    Gingrich got a lot accomplished but evidently the atmosphere on the Hill was not good. He resigned calling them all cannibals. Add to that he was cheating on his wife while working against Clinton. Bottom line, he has been lied about because of lingering resentment and he did do an excellent job while he was there. Nobody has come forward to say he lobbied anyone in Congress since he resigned although that is another charge from Romney. I believe its a lie because there is no doubt someone from Congress would come forward about it.

    He is basically being given the shaft for going against the political climate which is why so few people actually try to do the right thing in government and why its so hard to get someone decent to run for public office.

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    Because he is a loose cannon. Because he is immoral asking his wife for an open marriage. Because he is a hypocrite that berated Clinton for playing poky with a Cuban cigar, while doing similar things with wife number 3 (before she was wife number 3). Because he espouses family values (his family values are: Using his daughters from his 1st wife to convince everyone that his 2nd wife is lying about his 3rd wife). Because he was fined a huge amount of money for ethics issues. Because he hypocritically calls out Mitt for not showing his tax returns (Mitt's taxes might show a weakness Obama could exploit Newt argued) when he wasn't willing to show the thousand page report into his own ethics violations which is MUCH more IMPORTANT. Because of his BLATANT lobbying for Freddie Mac which got us into this mess. Because of his blatant lies, saying that he was a 'strategic advisor' giving Freddie Mac advice as a 'Historian' when he was really just a lobbyist.

    I am sure I forgot some of them, but I hope this helps to spell it out for you.

    To contrast; Romney is a self-made man who wants to help the US get out of the recession that it is in. He wants to help people get work again. He has become more conservative over time. What wise person doesn't change as time and perspective comes his or her way? He spent 7 million dollars on charity in the last couple years which gave him NO benefit (and anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant about the reality of why he gives money to charity, or just a liar). That says he loves his fellow men. Also, he knows how to get businesses thriving, which will create jobs, gross domestic product and raise us out of this nasty recession we are in. Also, he is tactful, but has spine. He won't let other countries or groups throughout the world walk all over us. He will rejuvenate education which is one facet of what is needed to improve the economy and get the USA back on track to staying the GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD.

  • The Republican Establishment (McCain and Rockefeller Republicans) are scared to death of him mainly because they really do not care about winning the Presidency (if it happens fine but it would have to be a (RINO) all they want is the House & Senate so that they control the "purse strings" and that is what we true conservative fear.

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