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Ultrasound and DR Drama?

So my doctor sent me in for an ultrasound at a little less than 5 weeks after getting two positive pregnancy tests. The ultrasound tech said at the beginning that we may have to do transvaginal but she wanted to try transabdominal first. First thing she said was how she didn't see anything and she spent about 20 minutes looking at my uterus and tubes through the transabdominal. Instead of doing transvaginal, she jumped up, handed me my chart, and said that the dr would talk to me. I went in a room to wait for a doctor and apparently everyone went to lunch so I was sitting there for an hour before I finally just walked out. The whole situation had me nervous so I ended up buying 3 more pregnancy tests (all different brands) and got 3 very bright positives. Now my family doctor is calling freaking out and saying I need to come in ASAP because they didn't find a sac or anything and now they want to rule out other possibilities. This whole situation is stupid and I'm at the point where I just want to ignore the whole situation and pretend I'm not pregnant because I'm sick of these doctors. Any advice?


It is NOT ectopic. They checked my tubes and didn't see anything there either.

Update 2:

It is NOT ectopic. They checked my tubes and didn't see anything there either.

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    Yes I do have advice for you! DO NOT absolutely DO NOT ignore those doctors!! I had an ectopic pregnancy in December of 2011 (yes only a month ago) and could have lost my life to internal bleeding if I did not listen. PLEASE listen to your doctor. You are pregnant but that does not mean its healthy. Best wishes.

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    I would change OB practices. Sounds to me like you are still pregnant or at least have retained tissue if you still are having positive hpts. Sounds like you really need to find a new gynecologist or have things checked out. There are some other rare causes of increased hcg levels that they need to rule out (such as some cancers) as soon as possible so I wouldn't just ignore the PCP.

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    Get a new doctor! Sorry you're going through that. :(

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