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Should I be changing my diet during the first trimester?

I am almost seven weeks pregnant and I don't know if I should be eating a little more than usual. I just dont have a "craving" for food for some reason..I always feel nausaus. Im actually eating less than I did before I was pregnant because now my tummy always feel sick. Is that normal? Should I be worried Im not eating quite as much? Should I just be shoving the food down? Any info is GREATLY appreciated! :)

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    You don't need to be eating more. Some people even lose a little bit of weigh in the first trimester, and that's fine. Weight gain will happen. As far as changing your diet your OB should be giving you information of foods that you should avoid or limit (like deli meat, seafood, ect) Other than that you should just eat a well balanced diet just like before pregnancy.

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    its completely normal to feel sick..im about 16 weeks now and still have not got my appetite back.

    eat bland foods like toast,pretzels, crackers, oatmeal, yogurt, things that dont have alot of flavor or smell and if you are taking prenatals, take them at night to help with ur nausea during the day.

    i would even buy frozen fruit bars, that way u keep your sugar up and you still get some sort of vitamins.

    try to eat something..dont force it down you may make yourself more sick. eat little bites at a time,

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    You do not need to eat more. You do need to try 70 grams of protein a day and eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

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