Shugo chara questionn!!?

I am confused .. Well not really but Amu chan calls people by their name's for example fujisaki nagihiko, she would just say 'nagihiko' where as Tadase would say 'fujisaki tan' or something (possible error xD) And he calls amu 'hinamori san' until he confesses his love. So is it something to do with formality or what ? :) Please answer ;P By the way check out my other questions on amuto and general stuff! (;

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  • 9 years ago
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    it is more formal to be called by the last name and Tadese is very formal but Amu's not formal shes "cool and spicy!!!" lol...she is just more calm and casual than Tadese.

  • 9 years ago

    It's all in reference to familiarity.

    Nagihiko is technically Amu's best friend, and therefore he and Amu call each other by their first names, whereas Tadase continues to call her by her respected name because he doesn't know her as well at first. In difference, Amu calls Ikuto by his first name for no specific reason, and Ikuto calls her by her name because she is younger.

  • 9 years ago

    This is more like Japanese question.. basically adding -San, -Chan, -Kun and more are like signs of formality. You can google more, but I'll try tu sum this up for you. -San is almost like adding Miss, Mrs. Ms. and rarely Mr. (if used on boys). It means formality, such as someone who you are not too friendly with, but not someone who has higher status than you (E.g.- -Sempai meaning senior, -Sensei meaning teacher or pr., - Sama meaning someone with higher status than you.). -Chan is used mainly between friendly females, and sometimes on young boys. -Kun is usually used on boys, but can be used on girls too(rarely). It usually means someone with friendly formality.

    The reason why Amu probably called everyone without -san etc. might be because she tried to keep that 'though' girl status. She tried to look 'cool'. But I'm not too sure...

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