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Ex-boyfriend issues.....any insight?

My ex Josh and I dated from Dec. 2009-June 2010, but not quite 6 months. We broke up because we only saw each other once a month, we argued when we weren't physically together and he was controlling. We've managed to stay friends all this time, but he keeps messing up.

We've almost hung out one time since we went out and he ended up standing me up. I didn't even find out what was going on until the next day and all he said was "sorry". Everytime we discussed hanging out after that occurence, he would never set up anything & then he would change the subject. Eventually, he told me to stop asking him to hang out. Sometimes, he'll flirt with me while other times we'll argue. When I was with my now-ex, he seemed jealous that I had a boyfriend.

We were talking the other day and he said he was thinking of coming to see me today. I hadn't heard from him all week and finally asked him last night if we were hanging out today. He wrote me last minute and said "I'm not showing up, I have too much to do." The other day when we were talking, he admitted to still liking me and he said "I have love for you and all."

What's going on here? Is he just trying to mess with my head or what? I'm 21, he's 24.


I'm not even chasing him. I don't even like him anymore lol I'm just staying friends with him to be nice.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He doesn't sound like much of a friend. I think you need to cut off contact and move on. He still clearly has a hold over you emotionally, otherwise you would have done this long ago. This guy doesn't want you back, you need to stop trying so hard to get his attention. I think what he really likes is that he can still make you chase him.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    When someone says they "Have Love for you" That means that he wants the sex. I would suggest avoiding this persons calls and texts unless all you want is sex too. You know this though, it's not like you are still in High School. Maybe hearing/seeing it is all you need in order to make the right decision.

  • 9 years ago

    He sounds like he has some stuff to work out. if were you id ignore him, he just wants a physical relationship. my ex is like that so i just stopped talking to him and went on my way, im happier now without all the stress.

  • 5 years ago

    I think i've this one... You guys did have a excellent relationship. However him being a guy at 21, he needs to explore sexually, with different females. He wants to be wanted/loved/adored via any individual as opposed to you. Thats mostly as straight as i can put it. He wanst to be anything to someone else for somewhat, or awhile. In case you continuously act like you're there for him though, he will under no circumstances come back to you. He's gonna keep you putting on when you hold putting on. Show that you're relocating on and getting into relationships with others. 21 is simply too youing to be occupied with perpetually. Have enjoyable now, and if he feels strongly about you later, take him again...Should you your self have not observed anything more pleasurable that's. Versch

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