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did i screw it up on this guy?

I went on a date with this guy i just met, we were having a great time. The thing is, I was the one who planned the date, and i guess i didn't put too much thought into it. We went to lunch then went to a coffee shop and sat around and talked for hours, then he told me a lot of things about his family and himself. He seemed kind of bored at some point, by the time we both got home, he left me a message on facebook saying he had a great time, next time he will take me to some good places and have good meals. I messaged him the day after and asked how his day was, then we continued to message each for about a few days. After that i finally popped the question of when he is free again, he told me that he will be free next week, then i told him me too. Ever since then, i never got a reply back.. and it has been 2 weeks already. Did I come off as too aggressive? Did he have interests in the first place? Should I message him back of how i truly feel?


i really have interests in this guy. any way i can spark something with this guy again

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    honestly iv done that to girls for no reason at all, dont take it personaly if thats what happend i also regret doing that

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    Now you know what guys go through. People are whacked, you have no idea what is happening on his end. He should be feeling that you are setting up dates. Unfortunately the world of dating sucks balls, and it is a lot of trial end error.

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    Don't chase after him! Let him come to you! You will feel so much better that way

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