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I don't get it! Does he like me?

I really like this guy and i thought he liked me. He invited me over to his house last week and we just hung out, but his older brother really made it seam like he liked me. He Seamed kinda flirty with me, but he's not really the flirty kind of guy. I was texting him the other day and I aske him who he liked and he told me he liked one of my friends but since she has a boyfriend he kinda likes someone else too, so he told me who it was. It really seams like he like me and I try to hint to him that I like him but he clearly isn't taking the hint. Does he actually not like me or is he just not telling me he likes me?

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    He may be a little confused right now. Maybe you could try flirting more directly, so that there's no question in his mind that you're letting him know that you're feeling him. And move from there. If he responds, then you just keeping taking one step at a time, talking and getting to know him more and more, until YOU'RE sure that you want HIM. Right now you may think so, but after spending time with him and learning him, you may surprise yourself and realize he isn't the one you want.

    If he still doesn't get the hint after some direct flirting...maybe he isn't really feeling you right now. So, keep it moving. Time changes things and people grow up. You never know what your future holds. Don't waste time playing "games". You wanna always be mature in your dealings and firm in your decisions about what you want and don't want. And any guy that you're interested in needs to be aware of that. Hope this helps and good luck!

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    talk to the boy....holy cow, the world is gonna end soon because the modern generations cant figure out how to talk enough to ever get

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