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would you give up your seat in this situation?

i used to see this all the time when i was in school. Girls asked me to move my seat (i was siting alone), just so that they could sit with their friends. I find that quit rude. I may do it once but then i ask why do i need to move to accomodate you? Did these girls ever think about my choice of where i wanted to sit? And anyway school isn't about being with your friends all the time its about learning. There were plenty of seats but they just thought about themselves. What do you think?

2) why is it that they just cant sit near me? Whats so bad about me?

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    If you give up your seat you can't realistically give another a seat. It'a a trick question, trick situation, trick factoring circumstance. This instance and many, many more all all tricks perpetrated by men an women who are more than 50% controlled by the beast that is the planet as a whole.

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    9 years ago

    Their stuck up. I think it's rude to, i wouldn't have gave up my seat, i would have told them to find someplace else and that im not moving. Girls like that enjoy getting their way and making them self feel powerful, they think they are above you and can walk all over you. The best way to handle this is don't let them boss you around, and don't socialize with them and avoid them like a plague. Give them a taste of their own medicine, if they are in your way tell them to get the f*** out of your way.

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    omg it's be done to me, and i've seen it done before oh so many times. I agree with you It's rude!! next time it happens to you, just be like.."No, i'm comfortable where i am....if you want to sit with your friends find another place to sit."

    as for the second question, i can't answer because i don't know you.

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    9 years ago

    Those girls are just plain-out rude, their selfish & don't care bout you. They just want there friends to be happy . They should have asked if they can sit with you!!

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    9 years ago

    No,I`d tell them to f**k off.

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