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I'm eating alot but not gaining weight what the heck?!?

i started working out in the mornings for about 20mins and then at night fir 30mins. I stopped and worked out at night for 20 or sometimes 30mins. I noticed i'm eating a bit more like for breakfast i'll have coffee and toast with a little bit of jelly. it's almost two hours that passed and im hungry im eating alot but im not gaining weight my high school pants fit me they are size 3 and i use to be 5 is this possible? im 19 about 5 feet and 110 pounds i use to be 120

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    You're NOT eating a lot. "Toast with a little bit of jelly" has about as many calories as I burn in 45 minutes of sitting and doing nothing. I eat 2lbs of meat and 4lbs of vegetables and fruits every day and I'm losing a pound a week. Mind you, I'm a large male who works out 2 hours a day.

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    do you really think you're eating lots? you're breakfast should be atleast double in size and have some protein in it, as well as the other 3 meals you should be eating during the day.

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