I'm living with my ex-husband and Best Friend?

I am living with my Ex-friend and my Ex-husband who have been dating. I am here since i am a recent college grad at 37, and I only work a part time minimum wage job about 20hrs a week not much money. We all live in the house that my husband and I shared for our 19 yr marriage. The days are filled with awkward moments at times and my 2 kids live with us as well, They seem unaffected since lots is hid from them. They(ex friend and Ex) are never affectionate when they are around but, the creepy part is sometimes at night I can hear them in their room having sex. It breaks my heart because I do still love him but, he said he just fell out of love with me and in love with her.

I think the reason this happened is We allowed her to live on our couch till she could get a car to get her to and from work from her parents place. (her job was in walking distance of our place). Also I suffer from Bi-Polar and had sunk in to a deep depression that i had trouble pulling myself out of. Which i have since done that and have been good for a while. Well as anyone who knows what depression does to some one you basically cut yourself off form the world. I wanted to do was sleep all the time and did sometimes neglect my wifely duties (house up keep, etc) I was attending counseling and seeing a psychiatrist during all this and looking for a better job to help contribute to the bills. Well she got a car and a better job but still decided to stay here since it was closer and less gas. Well we had been friends for yrs and i always trusted her.(even with my life) This all happened about 3 months ago.

she also had two kids that lives with her soon to be EX, who come here to visit every other weekend.... (yeah she is still married) This is not the first married guy she shacked up with the last was separated but had two kids and a wife of 8 yrs. He bounced back and forth to his wife to here foe almost 2 yrs. My Ex basically told me this was all my fault and she was a better mother and wife because she is basically Mrs Brady and she does not suffer from the issues I do. He also told me that he felt that i was seeking attention with my depression. I in no way lean on my ailments as a crutch I know they can drag me done which is why i seek help to keep me on the straight path to good health I love my kids and want a normal life. We were absolutely fine till she came here with in a 3 weeks of her being here things began to change. I would hear them talking all cozy like getting along like besties BLECH! What should I do i cant afford my own place yet till a better job comes along. I have no other family near me. We moved out of my home town and across the country when we were first married for his job.... I cry every night and have purchased an MP3 player to drown them out at night (she's loud & i think on purpose)

Our divorce is not even close to being final and he holds the deed to the house but wont throw me out so he will not look like a dick to his kids or the courts. Plus my EX friend told him it would be mean even thought she feels uncomfortable with me there

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    I can see a wild and horny threesome in your future

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    She wasnt a good friend and he wasnt a good husband. You were sick and he couldnt support you through the hard times. That shows what sort of a man you married. You thought you were doing the nice lthing by letting her live there, trouble is she took advantage of the situation and you have lost out. You need to ge out now. Get some help via child support, goverment housing, other frinds you could go to etc. This is not healthy and I feel so bad for you living like this. Of course she is being loud on purpose she has got what she wants. I think you need to sit down with both of them, be strong ad confident and tell them how you feel and that you are moving on. Be that strong independent woman you were before you ever married him.

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    you could think of roughly this....What might make ME chuffed.... in case you're delighted with your self then you definately would be conscious of who might save that happiness flowing... in case you're with somebody that has cheated with you together as he knew you the place married....do you fairly think of he wont do the corresponding to you? This bf has have been given to pass! you will possibly be able to desire to diminish all ties and as problematical because it is going to likely be(have confidence me ive been by this) you will on no account totally have confidence this bf, how could you? he did cheat with a married lady as quickly as! As on your husband... grew to become into this a one time take care of merely this another guy? grew to become into it merely the intercourse or did you emotionally cheat on your husband? maby he isnt satisfying your needs bodily and emotionally. dont seek for somebody who Makes you chuffed....choose for somebody this is delighted with themselves and which will enable you to be yourhappy self.

  • That is wrong, and I don't know how you tolerate that. I think you are getting manipulated because of your psychological problems...which is wrong. I would kick her out, stand up to him, and tell him how things are going down. If he doesn't like it, you can sue him for support to survive. There is a time to play nice and a time to get into ***** mode.

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    You're not hiding anything from the kids...

    You need to get an attorney and move out.

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    I would be trying to get out of there as soon as I could...thats no way to live...

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    ...... Kick the stupid b*tches a**...

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