Should he just tell her?

This guy I know he use to run with a bad crowd(he's a reformed nazi) any way he is dating this girl who is jewish should he tell her?


By reformed I mean he's not racist any more he actually loves her more than any thing.

Update 2:

What I mean is that he isn't racist any more he really does love her.

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    9 years ago
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    If he truly believes that he's a reformed nazi then he NEEDS to tell his girlfriend.

    What confuses me though, is if he knows that his gf is a jew, and he's against all that, then why the heck is he even with her in the first place?

    He could have really just pretended to be a nazi to be able to run with this bad crowd, but if hes dating someone who's a jew, and he knows that she is, then he's probably not a really a nazi.

  • 9 years ago

    if he is certain he wants to stop dating her I say tell her....but honestly there is no such thing as a reformed nazi. Anyone that racist doesnt recover.

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