6 Year Old Strange Issue?

My 6 year old has been doing something strange lately. She for some reason is afraid to "Toot" and will only "Toot" if she is sitting on my lap, (which means she is "Tooting" on me=( I have tried explaining to her that it is ok to Toot without being on me but she wont listen. I dont know if she is like doing it so nobody else hears her tooting or what. She just started doing it lately, not sure what is causing it. Anybody ever seen anything like this or have any suggestions? Thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    She is probably having stomach problems. She only passes gas on you because she feels comforted. Give her lots of milk and rub her tummy clockwise. Make sure she gets to the potty if she needs to go poop.

  • Nope, i think its just because shes comfortable around you, my little brother would do the same thing but only with my dad. you need to explain its not polite and its not right to fart on people. teach her to into the bathroom to do it or if shes in front of people have her simply say excuse me (:

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