Best way for a shy girl to ask a guy out?

I really like this dude and he really likes me. I'm just shy to ask him out because I'm afraid he will reject me. I've only known him for 6-7 weeks but every time I see him it seems we get more intimite. Any advice


Um I don't want to be liked because I didnt wear a bra. I'm not trying to whore around. And I don't find this idea as getting out of my comfort zone I find it being a total slut. That may work for most men but I want him to actually like me for who I am, not for being slutty.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you know he likes you, just say, "hey this movie just came out that I wanna go see. You wanna go see it with me?" or "Im starving, have you ate? Lets go grab something to eat real quick"

  • 9 years ago

    This question comes up every day. The answer always is you have to make him want to go out with him, set some bait out for him, if he is into you at all do something unexpected. you could ask him out for a bite to eat at his favorite place, invite him over to something you have going on, or my all time favorite thing on how a girl gets a guy. If you want him to ask you out be someplace that he's at and wear a shirt without a bra on under it.but only for him to check out, this doesn't make you a ho or anything like that but it will get his attention. I get so many thank yous back for this little trick you wouldn't believe. He is driven by hormones and won't be able to help himself. I know you say you are shy but your going to have to go outside your comfort zone to get him,

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