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Should I talk to my mom about my problems with her?

When I was younger my little sister would cry and scream on my birthdays because she didn't get anything. So my mother would go out the next day and get the same things she had gotten me to give to her... As well when I was younger I really wanted this certain toy really bad. My mom said if I was a good girl I would get it. So I was really good and we went to the toy store to get this toy and there was only one left... my sister cried and screamed to have mother got it for her and I never did get that toy. My mother would sometimes forget my birthdays. And there was way more **** she did to hurt my feelings..

My mother doesn't like to deal or hear problems.. Should I just say it anyway?

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    Yes you should try to talk to her if you can do so in a civil manner without drama. Mom's sometimes do not realize they're being unfair. Just explain to her how you feel when she did or did not do certain things. Don't blame her...just explain to her how you feel. Let her think about it for a while. Hopefully she can see her part in this terrible hurt you're feeling. If not...I'm truly sorry because everyone should have a good mom but she may have more problems than she can deal with. Make sure you're learning how not to be for when you become a mom. You deserved better. im sorry for your heartache.

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    Wow that's really unfair to you. Your sister should learn to wait her turn, until it's her birthday.

    Your birthday is your day, you get the cake and the presents.

    When you've been good and want a reward (the toy) then you deserve to get it.

    I think the way your mother is/ or was handling your sister is irrisponsible and needs to discipline more.

    You should definitely talk to her about it so it doesn't happen again. She has 2 children to deal with not just one whiney one.

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    Sounds like your little sister always required more of her attention, she loves you just as much but you seemed to be the older mature....should understand doesnt make it fair for you though. remind your mom of how attention seeking your sister was when she was young, and how you wish she had noticed how you felt.

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    ugh, sisters. It might hurt your mum's feelings if you tell her about that, or it might make her feel useless. Have a moan to us instead, it will make you feel better, as well as sparing your mums feelings. Also, it's the past, so try and forget it - look to the future.

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  • Yea, tell her

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