I have gained more confidence, but my big nose is taking it away?

i used to have no confidence at all, but when I put on makeup and make myself look good, I feel pretty. I know I have a good heart and I'm a good person so that helps too. But I have one problem that bothers me so much, my nose. It's not insanely huge but it's a lot bigger than a cute little button nose. It looks completely fine from the front, it's just from the side that i had. The tip kinda curves down ( not excessively but it definitely has a curve on it. Also recently more guys have told me that I was attractive, which is always a confidence booster. I even found out the guy i liked for a year likes me back (: but I still feel the horrible feeling that everyone is looking at my big nose. Here is a pic. ( I covered my eyes with flowers. lmao btw, i also hate how my lip goes downwards :(


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    9 years ago
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    you shouldn't feel bad about your self, natural beauty is the best, your nose is fine and so are your lips, and your nose isn't big, or small its just fine its because it goes straight down it makes u think its big but its fine :)

  • bury
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    4 years ago

    have you ever easily been clinically determined with Aspergers? I also have a feeling not. in case you had, for one, you've a counsilor to be helping you with those annoying situations. thousands and thousands of folk are shy. exceedingly whilst youthful. you're nevertheless gaining awareness of approximately your self and finding your place interior the international. you will likely never be one hundred% content cloth with your visual attraction. who's? very few people. you will continually locate something approximately your perosnality and habit that must be better. Who would not? no person if suitable and in case you think of you're, properly this is a topic in itself. besides, my propose is to project your self. Do issues which you may in many circumstances avert. Make it a factor to have an off-the-cuff communique with a finished stranger as quickly as daily. pass to a definite busy public place which you often avert and tolerate it for ten minutes. Do it returned here day for 20 minutes. etc.. only face regardless of annoying situations you avert. whilst doing this this is severe to maintain beneficial concepts. in case you do something you're heading off and shop telling your self "This sucks. I hate this. i'm undesirable at this." Than how are you able to anticipate to alter. and that's what you're after, terrific? So look after beneficial theory. those steps could be taken slow and to not the severe. the factor is to easily develope your self belief and practice to your self which you're actually not constrained on your social capacity. a minimum of not as much as you think of. avert anti social behaviours. do not spend lots time doing solitary activities. initiate with a one-on-one interest and improve style there. on the tip of all of it, you may locate which you're nevertheless basically a solitary person by capacity of nature and if so, you greater perfect be content cloth with that because of the fact except you could substitute it, than that's what you're. there are various careers that grant an excellent residing the place you do not could infrequently take care of anybody. Accountant includes concepts for example. Or some positions as photograph artist. There are additionally lots of shy people who want like to, so do not hassle approximately being on my own the two. only take all of it slow. toddler steps. yet do project your self or you will never develope lots.

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