Top 100 iPod: Led Zep songs that got the most votes:?

Including some responses I got last night, when I posted the Beatles final Top 5 and hinted that Led Zep would be next, here are the top vote-getters for Led Zep songs:

Kashmir (most votes)

Whole Lotta Love

Over The Hills And Far Away

D'Yer Ma'ker

When The Levee Breaks

Others who got multiple votes:

Achilles' Last Stand

Misty Mountain Hop

Since I've Been Loving You

No Quarter

Rock and Roll

Going to California

I have to admit, I'm shocked that Stairway to Heaven didn't get more support, but the Y!A R&P users have spoken. I am keenly aware, however, that Stairway to Heaven is THE most-played song in the history of album-rock oriented FM radio.

MQ1: How does the Top 5 look to you?

MQ2: Based on the input I received, what do you think the Top 5 should be?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Since I haven't read anything here lately

    I'm not privy to context.

    Top 100 from WHOSE ipod? etc...

    Mine (iPhone, all time):

    I Can 't Quit You, Baby

    Bron Y Aur Stomp

    Tea For One


    I'm Gonna Crawl

    But it's a discussion of ongoing magnitude,

    isn't it, this whole Zeppelin project...

    for Page & Co as well as those of us who know.


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