Types of antidepressants for particular cases?

This isn't a personal question, it's more for a story I'm writing. I need a brand of antidepressant for a seventeen year old that has severe depression. She has had thoughts of suicide and has actually attempted it more than once. It needs to be safe for a nursing mother to take. And it needs to have very harmful side effects on a person taking it that doesn't need it; making them addicted to it. And it needs to be able to be prescribed by a therapist in the US. I don't know anything about anti depressants and google isn't helping much. Thanks for your help.


Oh, and it should actually REALLY help the person taking it, almost as if it cures their depression.

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    Safe for a nursing mother AND chock full of side effects....AND cures depression.

    Most antidepressants might resolve 50% of symptoms IF a patient is really, really, really lucky.

    None of them are safe for nursing mothers.

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