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Any stretches that can help?

I'm 15, I was told a while ago I have scoliosis. I didn't really care to much and blew it off. Well now I'm having back problems over the scoliosis and my doctor said I need to be more flexible or he's putting me in mussel therapy and I don't want to go. Any stretches or tips for this problem?

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    I'm wondering why your doctor didn't give you the flexibility exercises you need when you last saw him. But you do need to get a handle on this now. I don't know if muscle therapy is the same thing as physical therapy or not, but you need to do everything possible to strengthen the muscles around the spine (and elsewhere) or your problems will only worsen. I loved most of my physical therapists - they were so understanding and supportive and helpful. They're there to help you.

    Disclaimer: I don't have scoliosis, and I don't know the kind of discomfort you're experiencing, but from the reading I've done, there are various causes for the disorder. Your doctor knows your situation the best, and he's serious about your health care. I hope you follow his treatment regimen.

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