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Embarrassing experience for my boyfriend ?

Well i am not sure as to why my bf would feel embarrassed with the way i treat him..i mean we are in a live in relationship and he has never been the one who worked. I have always been the one who brings bread home everyday and hence for it to be an equal relationship, he manages everything at home. Now i know i am a little dominant and he did not have a problem with it at all early on but lately he has started complaining a lot. he basically does all the household chores, cleans, cooks, washes dishes, brings grocery etc also caters to my personal needs like ironing my clothes, cleaning/polishing my shoes/boots and also taking my shoes off when i get back from work/parties and massaging my feet, I specially like it when he does all this without my asking him to do so everyday. And all this is fine with him but lately work has been a little hectic for me and i tend to get irritated a little and sometimes take it out on him. For e.g. shouting on him for something he didn't do properly like rubbing my feet or polishing my shoes. Well i admit that at times i have been harsh as well like this one time when we were out in a mall and i was on a call with my friend and i realized that my shoe laces were not tied so i asked him to tie them up for me. I mean what is wrong in that but he said that he was embarrassed. Also, when we go shopping, he carries all my bags. And when we get back home, he makes me a drink for me and then massages my tired feet while i watch TV or chat with my friends over the phone. So sweet of him. Now in general i don't think there is any thing wrong in the way i treat him. Infact even if he starts working, he will still continue to do all these things for me. Do you guys think i shouldn't treat him this way ?

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    He's your boyfriend not your husband.

    Loosen that leesh you have so firmly placed around his neck and try not to embarass him in public.

    Your not doing anything wrong exactly, but men generally like to be men. I'm suprised he paints your nails.

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    I am a girl and I think it is bad how you treat him.

    I mean think about it, he feels threatened that you think of him as less of a man. By expecting him to 'rub your feet' and such you are most likely making him feel like a kept woman, to be honest what man would be happy with that?

    I don't mean to judge, but if he loves you enough to do those things for you then surely you wouldn't want him to feel threatened or upset when you complain about his work. He does it because he cares, plus he sounds like such a sweet guy who you would want to keep hold of, but if you continue to push him do you really want to loose him?

    Treat him right! As for asking him to tie your shoelaces in public, i'm sorry if this is a little harsh but what the hell! Treat him like your man, not a slave!

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    No one should be dominant in a relationship but I certainly can see where you're coming from since you are the supporter in the household. That does very little for everyone's self-esteem.He needs to get a job, any kind of job. It will improve his opinion of himself and you would respect him more. If you don't back off then, he needs to move on. You both deserve better treatment from a partner.

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    You have the right to be mad sometimes , but if you are in the limit of your patience , tell him gently that you are not in a good mood and ask him to forgive you if you discount it on him for any reason .Tell him it´s just a fase , things at work are going to be better .

    But you also have to realize you can´t discount on him all the time .Dialogue with each other , that´s the best way to avoid conflicts .

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    you're able to no longer be harsh with him I do each final ingredient you listed for my gfs I easily have had by the years (yet i artwork to boot and pay costs) nd love the aprroving smile and enhances I have been given one lady I had became such as you approximately it and it drove me insane attempting to make her happy or open up in the time of foot rubs returned rubs ect you're able to jus tell him he's large and say thank you that's what he needs greater advantageous than something is your words of approval and compliment yet you have each good to ask him to do the failings you're asking on your individual abode in basic terms coach him you rejoice with it

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    well you are working, so he should help you out and do stuff around the house. if he doesnt like it tell him to get off his a$$, get a job, and then things could be more equal.

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