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Ex boyfriend feels like me and him act too much like a couple?

okay, so me and my ex were best friends for like 6 years before we dated. we dated for over a year and broke up because we moved away to college and he couldn't handle the distance. so we've been trying to get back to being best friends. we did hook up once after we split, about two months after the break up. we've been doing really good, but it's stressful because we both know how perfect of a couple we were and still could be. I want to get back together and we agreed on giving it a second chance this summer. lately he says he is stressed because he feels like we act like a couple. but he wanted to hook up too, it wasn't just me. we have every single connection a couple should have. he just insists that he can't date me now. which is fine, I'll happily wait. but trying to be his friend he says confuses him because he doesn't know what is acceptable and what is not. example, we say "I love you" all the time. because we do. we flirt all the time, because we like each other. how do I fix this and what should I tell him so he isn't stressed?

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    That's definitely hard to answer. There will always be feelings for an ex, especially if you remain friends and it was a good break up. Try to keep your distance for a while and see how he feels about it. Also, avoiding telling each other that you love them.

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