iPhone keeps restarting?

I've got the white iPhone 3GS. I've had it for about a year nearly (it was pre-owned but the owner before had never used it so it was like new)

For a while it's been restarting randomly. I did a restore last month; it worked but it took ages and wiped out all my messages. Don't really want to do that again.

It was restarting last night but then it stopped and worked perfectly today. Now it's started restarting again. I can't text because it shuts off before it sends...

What do I do?!! The repairs and service coverage is out of date...can someone help?!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Everything that i've looked at says that this is a hardware issue and not much you can do about it. I'd try restoring the iPhone again because everything points to Apple taking the phones back and swapping them out but you said yours is out of warranty. Hope it helps and good luck

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  • kuhns
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    4 years ago

    the undertaking is with the replace which you completed. Ultrasn0w and Redsn0w can not cope with the main modern-day baseband as they have not yet completely more desirable a custom firmware with the main modern-day iPhone firmware. They assure you on their blogs which you shouldnt attempt to improve with A custom firmware pre-put in on the telephone. This leads onto the iPhone questioning that it is an iPad and could at the instant tackle extra electrical energy and power from the battery as you made it think of to think of like it is plenty better gadget. the sole selection is to connect the iPhone with a working laptop or pc and reset the comprehensive telephone from there. you additionally can could circulate into DFU mode in some unspecified time interior the destiny. YouTube could additionally help you into doing that. be cautious into doing this *** all pictures, movies, contacts etc.. may well be deleted.

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