Boyfriend/crush trouble really need help! 10 points and i will answer your Q!?

Today i stated going out with this guy. he's not the type of guy that i usually go out with and he's not the smallest guy ever and i never really thought of him as someone i would date. weve been friends for about a month and i had planned on saing no but all my friends were telling me to say yes and i guess i panicked and tricked my self into liking him so i said yes. the thing is since then i have regretted it alot and i realised i made a huge mistake but i cant break up with him 'cause i'm his first girlfriend and that would just be harsh on him.

Also, i have liked this other guy for three years and i'm still not over him...

And to add to that my friend (not the one who was pressuring me) has also liked a guy for three years (not the same one as me) and we've always been happy that we're in the situation together as our crush has never noticed either of us in THAT way.

and i loved being single it was like i was so free, my friends loved me for it and i loved me for it.

the thinng is since i went out with the guy i started to feel restricted and like i belonged TO somebody and i just felt so depressed

i plan to dump him in a week or two but i'm not sure i can pretend to like him just to spare his feelings. also i have no idea how to like stop the relationship going further than holding hands/hugging.

Also i have an irrational fear of chubby/fat people. so its really kinda awkward :/

Help any advise Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i need to dump him before valentines day otherwise it will be super awkward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ok, i have no q for u to answer but thats ok :) I know its really hard what you have to do, but you should quietly get with him and say: look, i know I'm ur first girlfriend and all, but i just don't feel very comfortable.. i was under lots of pressure, and i mean, your a great friend! but just that i guess...

    i hope its not to hard, but u need to do it sooner than later, cuz the more u r with him, the more people will know, the more he will like you, and he will start thinking that you like him...

    Hope I helped!! Good luck! =)

  • 9 years ago

    Just dump him ASAP. Tell him In a sweet way that you weren't really thinking straight when you said yes and that you want to break thing off because he doesn't feel right for you. Once again be sweet and polite with the break up. As for the other guy idk about that one.

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