If black people only vote for Obama, does that mean they are racist?

By voting based on skin color, or maybe based on that blacks think it is best for their race, isn't that racist?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Oh please.

    For decades now, African-Americans have voted for Democrat Party. It's not a race thing. It's a political thing.

  • 9 years ago

    Race is an issue meant to deceive and distract us. There is no color or race where the power elite are concerned. Black people voting on skin color would to a person of lesser intelligence seem to be racist but in fact it shows how well Black people would have been deceived. They are not victims of discrimination but of deception. Many of us are.

    Notice the hate baiting and banter of some of the responses to your question. These are people who focus on the illusions given as pablum to the masses.

    Every man to be valued by his character, not his color.

    Judging Obama on these grounds, one can observe that he has not exhibited a great deal of character just showmanship. This is not to mean he hasn't character, it just means he hasn't shown it. Hence, any vote for him would have to based on something else, leaving only race.

    My answer is that what we have been taught to believe to be racism is in fact deception. A deception to keep us all separated and at each others throats.

    Rise above.

  • 9 years ago

    It means they're following the law - how many presidential candidates can we vote for?

    Will you also ask this question?: Will the white people who vote for the white candidates be racist?

    I do nothing to keep non-blacks from getting a job - I don't attack non-blacks, fail to serve them in restaurants, call them names, but if I vote for a non-black I'm racist?

    OK - Racist I am.


    There is no law that prevents ANYone from using the n word. There are corporate policies that apply to EVERYone. There are social conventions that mean ***I*** get to decide who I allow to cross my boundaries.

    And that's a right EVERY individual has. I have ZERO obligation, in my personal life outside the office, to be ok with non-blacks calling me names just because I am non-reacting when black people do.

    It's not like I'm using slurs to refer to people then complaining when the same thing happens to me - THAT would represent inequity. Me choosing who's in and who's NOT in my personal circle - is something that EVERYone does.

    Source(s): black woman who is racist as a result of voting for Obama.
  • 9 years ago

    If white people always assume black people vote based on race, does that mean they are racist?

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  • 9 years ago

    blacks can not be racist, it's one of the "special" laws they have to give them equality.

    they can use the N word with impunity but if a White uses it, it is an 'Hate Crime' which is another special law they have to make them equal

    They have a government agency, the ACLU to represent them which is a special perk they get to make them equal.

    They can use phrases like "honky' "Cracker" and "Whitey' to describe and demean others but no action will be taken against them, another perk to make them equal.

    come on, it's only fair.....

    Hey Dave87gn:

    Obama and his cronies set off on Herman Cain like rabid dogs because Cain took the race card out of the election.

    Bill Clinton had unwilling female victims DELIVERED to him by arkansas state troopers and as President fu*ked and intern less than half his age with a cigar and jacked a load onto her dress, and lied about all of it under oath, Yesterday was the anniversary of his televised lie about not having sex with Monica Lewinsky as a matter of fact


    Herman Cain made an unwanted advance to a female colleague and had to pay 90.000 in an out of court settlement and the democrats found this morally repugnant......

    All obama has is his race and the hopes that " white Guilt" gets him the sympathy votes again.

    Obama and the Dem's are the biggest racists that have ever been, so please take any such sh*t and post it somewhere else.

  • Brat
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    9 years ago

    Let me put it this way- what do you think the media would say if white people overwhelmingly voted for a white candidate?

    Alot of whites are liberals and hence voted for Obummer. Without white support, he might as well as quit now. Whites will continue to vote for him, because the left will whip out the race card and make them feel guilty.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Black people don't vote for Obama because he's black. They vote for him because he's not a Republican.

    It wasn't racist when they overwhelmingly voted for Clinton, it isn't racist to vote for Obama. See unlike in Republican fantasies, black people didn't actually support Herman Cain in large numbers.

    You live in a fantasy land. You may have voted against Obama because he was black, but the majority of black people who voted for him, voted for him because he was a Democrat.

  • 9 years ago

    I would argue that obama is the biggest racist around. His books were very much so and have you ever heard of him claiming to be mixed race. Seems like he has a real problems with Caucasians.

    It would be nice to have a president that does not pander to any group because of ethnicity.

  • Jay
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    9 years ago

    Black people have been voting for others since there were US elections.

  • PoBoy
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    9 years ago

    No. If 98% of Mormons vote for Romney.....

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