Would it be wrong out of my part to be friends with an ex?

We were off and on for a year an half and I heard that he went looking for his ex that is only 17! and he is 21. Im just like really? he went back to her after she put him in jail for 8 months and sabotage his car. He lost his freedom and all those good opportunities and he comes out of jail and he goes back to the girl, well he went back to me but I guess I wasnt good enough lol Im 20 as well and Im going to school and working and then yesterday I realized I dont need this shyt. Its so damn dramatic for me to handle and plus there is nothing I can do. I love him but its just disgusts me that fact he went back for a 17 year old that looks 12. And I told him its best if we went our own ways and he is like nooooooooooo come back. He keeps begging to see me but he is a damn creep. So any suggestions....should I be friends with him or just run away!

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