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Physics problem with FORCE. Can someone help me?

A charge of q = +7.21 μC is located in an electric field. The x and y components of the electric field at this point are Ex = 5.59E+3 N/C and Ey = 8.30E+3 N/C, respectively. What is the magnitude of the force on the charge?

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    F = E* q

    since E is a vector just multiply each component by q

    Fx = Ex*q = 5.59*10^3 * 7.21*10^-6

    Fx = 4.03039*10^ -2 N

    Fy = Ey*q = 8.30*10^3*7.21*10^-6

    Fy = 5.9843e-2 N

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