Skyrim: Can't get 25% fortify destruction on any item?! D:?

I've been trying to get 4 items with the fortify destruction (25%!) enchantment. Buuut, I can only get it to go to about 17%, with 100 enchanting, all the perks, and filled grand souls. I disenchanted Master Robes of Destruction, I think it was called.

It does:

Destruction spells -22%

Magika Regen +150%

Which turns to (when enchanted with the above):

Destruction spells -17%

Magika Regen +10%.

Now, I know I must be doing something wrong. I read somewhere that I need something with only Fortify Destruction, and nothing else. However, I can't find anything like that. If there is such an item, could you tell me the name?

Also, what 4 armor pieces would I be able to wear with -25% to destruction spells?

I think it's a circlet, ring, helmet, and armor, but I'm not sure if you can wear Daedric helm with a circlet :|


@Pablo - Self-enchanted items? What do you mean by that? Isn't everything self-enchanted? Also, if you can't have a circlet and helmet, which 4 armor pieces do you wear to get 100%?

100/4=25. o-o

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  • 9 years ago
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    First off you can only wear one head item, so no circlet and helmet. Secondly, I think you're doing everything correctly, I just think there might be an enchantment percentage cap on self enchanted items.

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