People living in Tornado alley? Or?

Or anywhere where Tornado's occur. What happens if your house gets destroyed? Are you insured for it? I'm from the UK, so obviously we don't get them like you guys, and I was just wondering what happened..

Thank you for any answers.. :)

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    9 years ago
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    Sure, we have insurance and sure, the insurance replaces the house or makes repairs. I've only lost a roof from one that ripped through a couple years ago and destroyed houses a half mile south. When I was a kid a couple of our windows were sucked out and insurance paid for that too. Depending on the risk, insurance rates vary. In Oklahoma where I live, our rates are fairly steep. Just a couple years ago we had a huge tornado outbreak south of Oklahoma City that did about $500 million in damage; a month later we had another $500 million in damage from one of the largest hail storms on record. So we pay high premiums of course.

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    If you have tornado insurance you are covered very simple and expensive. Most do not have this insurance so they have a hard time. Usually only a few homes in an area are damaged the news reports can make it seem like everything is gone. Some will get partial payments for example they may get covered for damage to their car for auto insurance. Some will get help as they have wind damage or rain damage and technically not tornado. Lawyers and "experts" make a lot of money drawing the lines on maps of who is in and who is outside damage areas. Many charities will help with temporary housing food and clothing. Government helps with low cost loans for people to rebuild and supplies funds to the town to repair damage to public buildings and facilities. The generosity of co workers ,neighbours,and family resources is what most use to rebuild. You are starting over just like when you first moved away from home as a teenager. Most back to some degree of normal in a year or two others never really recover. Some physical injuries or loss of someone close. Others no resources or just too expensive to rebuild. Long answer but it is like getting flood insurance or fire insurance.some do some do not and hope for the best.

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    9 years ago

    I live in tornado alley and am insured but remember.....the odds of actually getting "hit"is the same as winning the lottery....very slim. Most people have a tornado shelter or a "safe" room in the house.

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    4 years ago

    easily with each and all of the tornadoes over the previous a hundred ninety% of the land in twister alley became in no way hit. I stay in Springfield missouri as has my entire kinfolk for a hundred years, good in twister alley. Any abode i understand of of acquaintances and kinfolk has in no way been hit via a twister. We in no way even worry approximately it using fact like I mentioned the land surfaces that have easily been hit via a twister are very small. this is with the help of the fact they in many situations do no longer stay on the floor that long, and a a million/2 mile huge course isn't that sizeable once you talk an entire county or state. Your seeing photographs of a twister ripping by a community and seeing it as protecting a extensive area, easily this isn't any longer. in case you look at each and all of the land around it that did no longer get hit. i think of the climate channel makes issues look worse than they are. like hurricanes. they only coach that aspects on the factor of the attention that have been given the worst winds. maximum aspects under the hurricane had minor harm. this is with the help of the fact wind velocity drops plenty as quickly as you get 20 miles far flung from the internal area. the surely hurricane is 1000's of miles huge. I additionally stay in south florida area of the 12 months and have had many conversations down right here with human beings approximately how the climate channel comments hurricanes.

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    9 years ago

    well, sometimes you get insured but it depends on your insurance company you would probably have to relocate but the smarter thing u do if you were living in the midwest tornado alley you would prepare for these disaster before it occurred

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    Home owners should have insurance, it is the same for fires, or hurricanes, or storms and disasters of any type.

    The UK has storms that destroy homes so it is the same thing.

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