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What is the dress code for formal nigh on a Carnival Cruise?

Do we HAVE to dress up? Or is it optional?

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    Carnival does not have Formal Nights anymore - they are called Elegant Nights and the dress code is not very strict. A dress and nice shoes or slacks and a blouse for women and slacks and a collared dress shirt for men. Or you can dress up as much as you like - that night is usually picture night on the Promenade Deck, too

    Last cruise on the Fascination this past July, I wore slacks, dress shirt and a sports coat, and I was overdressed compared to my MDR table mates. Saw some suits but no tuxes.

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    Dressing up in the Main Dining Room is one of the better traditions of cruising. There are some traditions that should not change... it should be enjoyed.

    However, on Carnival they refer to these evenings as "elegant nights" and only requires a slightly elevated attire for those evenings. It need not be a tux, since you almost never see that degree of formality on a Carnival cruise. Be comfortable... but a nice pair of slacks and blazer for gentlemen and a dress for the ladies will do. Will anyone say anything to you if you dress casually, probably not. But remember your dress affects everyone's experience, so some consideration please.

    But as I say, be nicely dressed, as nice as you can, but be comfortable.

    And has been mentioned, if dressing up is not your thing, the Lido Cafe is always open, and the food is good!

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    Haven't been on Carnival in a while, but from what I've read on the cruise boards, they don't really have one. They say they do, but they don't enforce it [didn't even back several years ago]. Yes, you are supposed to "dress up". "Formal" means a tux for men and gown or at least elegant cocktail wear for women, but very few do that. And, Carnival has evidently changed to "elegant" or something like that.

    As long as you're not wearing ratty jeans, or shorts, or a wife-beater/logo T-shirt, they'll let you in, unfortunately. You don't have to dine in the main dining room on "formal" night - the Lido is always open and there's no dress code there, ever.

    Theoretically, you're supposed to follow the dress code for the entire evening - in the theater, casino, etc., but again that's not enforced.

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    If you're going to dine at one of the restaurants on formal nights, yes, you must adhere to the formal night dress code. However, if you choose not to dress in formal wear those nights, then you can always head to the buffet or order room service.

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    If you really are worried about what to wear on formal nights maybe u need to try NCL.

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