What to do about my pushy 22 month old at playdates?

One of my twins, Monty, has started pushing bigger kids at playdates. A couple weeks ago he was picking on a smaller girl! He was always the really easy-going one, but seems to have been bit by the terrible two's bug, and is too aggressive with his peers. Basically, he is becoming a bully!

I just brought him over to me and held him while he screamed in rage for a minute at being removed from his target, a 3 year old a good head taller than he is, that he had been pushing a car against, and then using his hand to push on him. It was mostly unprovoked, Monty just decided the boy was too close to him or something, and started pushing on him. We left the playdate a bit early, Monty was having a breakdown on the way to the car, but was fine 5 minutes later and in a great mood.

I know some of it is because he is a twin, which can make them more aggressive since they are always having to deal with someone else taking their toys etc.

Any good tips for dealing with this?

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  • Ethel
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    9 years ago
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    Distract him before he acts, remove him and time out when he does act (I put my 19 month old in time out occasionally and it helps). It will take you acting/reacting over and over for a while but he'll get it and grow out of it.

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