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Is 450$ a good price for A BACKHOUSE FOR RNT WITH NO LOCKS?

the restroom has no lock and my freind's dad{including his freinds who are drunks} use the restroom. I also have to take cash from My own pocket in oder to get a screen for the window to let FRESH air in?

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    I have no idea if it's a good price. It might be a GREAT price in NYC or LA, but it might be a terrible price in BFE, Wyoming.

    It's fair that if you want a screen, you have to pay for it, unless the occupancy codes require screens (they usually don't).

    Is the bathroom inside the house you are renting? If so, just lock the front door and this will prevent others from using it. If it's part of the agreement that they use that bathroom, then only you can decide if you want that hassle. I probably wouldn't.

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    I think that depends on where you live and if they will continue to use the bathroom after you move in. I would say no if they are because your privacy and safety are at risk.

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