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How to be not feminine (for a man) ?

I'm a boy,14s old.

In my school,there are 3 man that really good and kind than the other friends .But they have made a group (actually not a group,but they are always together).

I tried so hard to making friends with them,but one of them is really hate me. Idk why,maybe because he wanted me to out from that group.

He never told me about it ,but i know he wanted me to not bother them.

Lots of my friends except them are so i decided to playing and talking with the girls.

Yesterday, suddenly my teacher said that i'm too close with the girls, they want me to play with the boys but i dont know,who?

And lately they said me i'm like a feminine.. I DONT WANT TO BE LIKE FEMININE.

please tell me what should i do..

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    You should be a lumberjack instead of a barber. This video illustrates the essence of manliness:

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    Step one- Learn basic English grammar, I'm 14 too, it's not that hard.

    Step two- Stop giving a **** about what other people think you should do. You are not bringing harm to anyone whatsoever, your teacher is just shocked because you're not obeying their conventions. Do not think that you've done anything wrong.

    Step three- (Calmly) Ask your teacher what he sees wrong with you preferring the company of the opposite sex. The chances are he won't be able to tell you. If he comes out with something along the lines of "it's not normal" then tell him that abnormal does not always mean wrong.

    Step 4- Respond to any ridicule from others in the school with "spending time with girls means I'm not gay, but you spend all your time with're gay" (it's a stupid argument but it works).

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    Nobody should be able to tell you how masculine/feminine you should be.

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