Having to choose between two guys?

Sorry if its kind of long.

So there is this guy whould sometimes flirt with me and would always tease me, and then he broke up with his girl friend. I really like him and he's really cute. But then for some reason, he started acting like i had said something bad to him or something when i never did! Then he got another girl friend who he never hangs out with and never really talks to.

Last night, at a dance, he was slow daancing with his girlfriend. I felt really hopeless. Half to make guy 1 jealous, and half because i was lonely, i asked my good friend out. Surprisingly, guy 2 said yes!Then guy 1 started kind of flirting with me again.

Now what do i do? I kind of like guy 2 (Who is now my boyfriend) but i like guy 1 way better! Did someone spread a rumour or something about me? Whitch guy should i choose? Should i just stay with guy1 and forget about 2?


I meant to say " Should i stay with guy 2 and forget about 1"

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am totally Team Guy #2. Guy #1 sounds like a jerk and will probably dump you if something better comes along. Stick with Guy #2, he sounds like a nice dude and it would be unfair to dump him for Guy #1.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    guy 2

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