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What is a good plan to start running to run two miles in around 15 minutes, I stopped running to where?

I can't even run two solid miles at the moment, I'm wondering what's the best way to run two miles in under 15 minutes, or how to start about it, whether it be doing sprints one day or what?

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  • Before you start considering sprints you should consider improving your stamina.

    Perhaps you could go to basics and the run-walk method. This is where you run for a time, perhaps 5 minutes and take a 1 minute walk, then run another 5 minutes and than another walk - repeat this 5 times to make a 30 minute training session. This works better than just running for 15 minutes because you are going further in the session. Over a few weeks make the run 6 minutes, 7 minutes and so on until you can do 1 miles non stop and keep going until you can run for a full 30 minutes, and then work on the speed

  • 9 years ago

    Running every day will help, running over that amount of distance helps a lot, if you train your body for 3 miles 2 miles will seem like nothing. Also eating better helps a TON! and finally if you can get some core training (your abs) like 10 mins a day will help as well. All of these are equally important.

  • 9 years ago

    Sounds like ur getting ready for a Army PT test. i have the same problem, what i do is run a quarter mile track.l start with running as fast as u can for 30 sec then walk for 60 sec and repeat it will help. also when u run open ur stride, head up mind clear. and never stop at just 2 mile, keep going past to keep improving your run time.

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