Has my boyfriend officialy lost feelings ? Need opinions pleasee?

Before in our relationship he use to be very overprotective over me at first it was frustrating that he had to always check my phone and know where im going i got use to it. All of a sudden now after almost 11 months when he is doing something he never texts me implies that i should go out more with my friends. His reponse when i ask him why the change he says i trust you . In my head i think he wants to do whatever he wants also. I feel like im losing him i dont know what to do go with the flow or do something to see if he truly cares. Please help

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  • Lozza
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    9 years ago
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    This is difficult, because he's shown you two extreme sides of his behaviour. But to me, I think this is a good thing. I think he honestly does trust you, which is what a strong relationship should be based on. There's a very fine line between being protective and overprotective. For him to be checking your phone and being a bit psycho definitely isn't cool. I think he noticed that his behaviour was a bit too much, so wanted to reign it in a bit and give you more freedom. I don't think you're losing him. If anything, the freedom he's giving you is a good thing. He should learn to trust you and clearly he's making an effort. If you're worried, ask him about it. Say that him checking your phone and needing to know where you were all the time wasn't cool, and that's not want you want again, but you don't want to lose him, so ask him straight if the feeling is still there. If it is, then great, but make sure he doesn't get overprotective again, but let him know that he needs to show his love for you every now and then. I wish you all the best. x

  • 9 years ago

    It can go both ways: maybe he realized he was suffocating you and doesnt want you to get tired of that, and decided to give you some space. But it can also be as you fear. Either way, just go with the flow, and if at some point you confirm your suspicions then let him go. If he doesnt want to be with u anymore is his lost. You are better off anyway.

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