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Erik asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationFishing · 9 years ago

Big Kahuna, Bassmaster Classic Challenge?

CHALLENGE, NO RESEARCHING: I want to see who knows their Bassmaster history the most.

Who won the 2001 Bassmaster Classic? Who was the runner up?

Again, please do not look up the answer, I want to see who knows it by memory.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Kevin Van Dam.

    I didn't look it up, but I'm not playing anyway.

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  • Bruce
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    9 years ago

    Sorry dude... In that I only really know Mark davis's winnings

    He is the only angler to have won the bassmaster classic and the bass angler off the year in the same year (95)

    He was the bass angler of the year for 1995, 98, & 2001. BUUT not the bassmaster classic

    Fun to know though right? But I bet everyone knew that stuff about M-D

    Sorry bout that, Interesting question though

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