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Is god a prankster who was bored at some point in his life?

I mean while he's needless flawless being, he creates the universe and works on it for millions of years and then suddenly puts human beings on earth, and BTW he really makes them close to apes to mess with scientists, then sends a talking snake to prank Adam and Eve (I guess it must have been a difficult first hours after Adam was created, since no language was invented back then) , which kinda makes me wonder animals must be like Toy Story characters, they talk when we are not looking at them, because a snake has been able to talk before human beings.

Anyway, then he tends to ignore humans for 100-1000 years time period, and leaves them without religion ( what happen to people before prophets on Judgment Day? Maybe God flips a coin for them instead of Judging since they had no prophet or messenger) and every once in a while he chooses some white guy from middle east ( sorry Africans-Indians-Asians, you're no prophet material, or maybe god's racist??) and then this white guy goes out there and perform miracles like opening a road in the middle of the sea ( Wouldn't it be better for God who taught Noah to build a Titanic-like ship to teach people how to build a bridge? Because that way people would be a bale to cross rivers when God decided to take another one of his 100-1000 year break.

Then he decides to choose Jesus, who some say was the god himself, whose mother was a virgin. See that's why god is a prankster, you may think if he wants to go out of his way to show his a god, he wouldn't be needing a mother at all. I mean a guy being born out of no one is just as crazy is him being born from a virgin mother and then he takes another brake and then he chooses Mohammad.

The funny thing is he talks to Mohammad about the exact same things and adds some few details, like a man can have like 40-50 wives at the same time, but women must stick to one guy, and it seems his mind was kinda busy during writing Quran. and he also gives Mohammad to build an empire and attack other countries, maybe god is a big fan of war/action movies.

He has done much more pranks than said above, like speaking t people through messengers, instead of doing it directly, or giving people brain and then ask them to believe in things which can't be tracked scientifically. Or giving people different prophets so people have something to go to war for, or stop sending prohets when science and technology have arised, maybe he's a farid he can't match awsoemness of modern's tech and peole won't but his new prohets

The biggest one of them is heaven and hell IMO, I mean he is all knowing, so he knows what's gonna happen in everyone's life before they're even born, so it's pre-determined who ends-up in hell and heaven, but he still makes us to fight for it because I guess he is a big fan of comedy.

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    u need to read the miracles of the quran to improve your level of i.q

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    God did not talk to Mohammad. It was Satan in the guise of a being of light that instructed Mohammad to start wars with those that are not Muslim.

    God is Love and there is nothing of being a prankster in Love. It is outlined in the Bible how Love is everything that is good and it is this that makes up the essence of God.

    Mohammad and the Islamic people and Muslims all are jealous of the Christians and Jews, who are the chosen people of God and it is this jealousy that has caused the problems that have plagued the world since Mohammad supposedly was taken bodily to heaven. Coincidentally on the same spot that is the holiest in the Christian and Jewish religions. How much more insulting can the Muslims be than by building the Dome of the Rock on this spot and forbidding Christians and Jews from even entering it.

    They are a scourge on the earth and all of them should be converted to the truth of Christianity and of God as Love.

    But God is not a prankster. He is anything but.

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    Life is defined by time and there is no such thing as time in eternity. Although I do see some humor from Him alot, who knows what He did before creating us. You're combining the teachings of several religions together and that can't work because they don't teach the same things and as far as building a bridge across the Red Sea, don't you think that might take a LOOONG time and maybe the Egyptians would have killed them by then so God made it quick and then drowned the Egyptians by the time they got half way through you idiot. BTW splitting a sea is a lot cooler than crossings bridge you boring bastard. Its a good thing you're not God because you're are incredibly stupid and life would be boring.

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    No, He is not, He is love, is light and is truth.

    It seems as though you are unhappily ranting a wall here of your opinions. Maybe a little revision and organization of your ideas communicated a little more effectively may get your point over tactfully, but other wise, it just appears that you are voicing your frustrations about failing to understand God or know Him. Study friend, it will wash away a multitude of confusion for you, study the word of God and focus and find out real truths.

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    It seems that he is terribly curious.

    “At one of my classes, I was discussing how we have to be everything when we decide to incarnate on earth – which means gas, minerals, rocks, plants, animals and then all phases of the human condition. This is because god (the source) is curious for knowledge and sent us out (as cells in the body of god) to learn as much as possible and bring this knowledge back to his knowledge storehouse. We continue to journey out into incarnations until we “graduate” and can finally return to our source, god, to stay.

    One of the students said she could not believe this because god is “all-knowing” – he has all knowledge and does not need us. According to what I have learnt, that is not true. God is a compilation of knowledge that each of us have gathered over eons of time. God is constantly searching and out of his insatiable curiosity he desires to learn unceasingly. Thus he constantly creates more and more diverse forms.

    She asked what he could possibly use all this knowledge for. I have found that it is used to create with. Our universe is constantly expanding as we journey outward; increasing our experiences and our knowledge. When it reaches a point of time where it is at its limit of expansion, it begins to return back to the source or implode back on its self. Then it explodes back out again, in a constant cycle.

    She asked, “Is there ever a point when we stop?” She could not see the point in returning to the same universe repeatedly. But there are billions of universes that contain concepts, creatures and worlds that we cannot even imagine – that follow different laws of physics – there must be countless experiences awaiting us. The possibilities are endless.”

    Source: The Convoluted Universe – Dolores Cannon

  • First off, you got your timeline wrong. The universe is not a few million years old. According to the bible, it's only a few thousand.

    Second, you speak blasphemy!

    But yeah I think God has a sense of humor. I mean look at the duck-billed platypus, and the chambered nautilus. One's uglier than a baboon's butt, and the other is born with crappy vision and moves backwards. Oh, yeah and a baboon's butt. WTF is up with that?

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    Bored humans are boring to be round. Do not hold God accountable to your purposeless and meaninglessness. That's of your own making. I might say that the purpose of your boring life has more to do with being lazy as an alternative than being stupid. Are trying getting off your rear-end and go out and aid people that rather do want help. That maybe a making yourself a precious and intriguing character. Get over feeling sorry for yourself.

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    Have you been watching Startrek reruns with "Q" in them?

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    yes he was

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