Can Xperia Neo receive files from laptop well using bluetooth?

im thinking of buying a new phone and i am eying this sony ericsson xperia neo.

my former phone is xperia x10 mini pro. and unfortunately, the bluetooth only transfer files from the phone to my laptop but not receive from laptop. i need to use some app from the store and install the same program to my laptop just to be able to do it.

i really hate that my x10 mini pro cannot do it without the app. and other issues made so disappointed with my phone.

so i wanna ask if Xperia Neo does the same, or does it have better bluetooth connectivity already...

feel free to tell me if there are also any emerging problems with Neo like touchscreen etc etc. i cant seem to find a lot of problems when searching the web, all just praises, just like my mini pro. even on youtube, they always praise the phones... so i want to know already if there are disappointed customers here before i made another mistake in buying this phone. you can also suggest other phones but not more expensive than the neo ;)


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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes you can transfer files from your computer using Bluetooth™. If you can’t transfer files to or from a computer, this could be caused by the Bluetooth™ software on the computer. Contact the computer support for more information.


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