What should i get my girlfriend for valentines?

this summer i went on a missions trip for my Church and i meant a girl, we grew too like each other and we started dating long distance in sept, (she lives in Virginia i live in Utah) i just turned 18 and shes turning 18 in march, we're really serious and have talked about marriage in a few years. and back in dec i flew to her house to see her and another friend from the mission trip (my dad as a lot of frequent flier miles, so ya;) so basically i was going to get her a corsage this next week because shes not going to homecoming with anyone cause of us and then i was gonna get her flowers too for valentines which would come out to be about 60 dollars or more, so i was wondering if i should get her a ring instead? i have a little over 100 dollars BUT i don't want to scare her, so is a ring too serious? or are there certain types of rings that are less serious? i figure if im already spending so much on flowers and a corsage that will eventually die and loose value i should get her something that will last,

sorry about the long explanation the context of this all is what makes it complicate imo


thanks for all the answers you guys are really helpful! :)

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    9 years ago
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    if you 2 are serious and talking about marriage, then no a ring should not scare here. I suggest a promise ring, which is a promise of your love to her, its serious, but not as serious as an engagement ring. ive had mine for 3 years now :)

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    I think you guys seem very romantic, and you have been talking about marriage...you could possibly get her a ring. but not one with a diamond in it haha, just a delicate ring to show your appreciation for her. I wish you guys luck! :)

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