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Would this be a healthy diet? Anything I should add or get rid of?

I'm 5'4 and weigh 140 lbs.

I would love to get down to at least 120.

I'm going to be starting a diet Monday and I want to make sure to feel as healthy as I'll be looking. How does this meal plan sound for losing weight, while getting efficient vitamins:


3/4 Cup of Raw Oats

1/2 Cup of berries (May be substituted with a banana or apple)


1 Cup of Raw Broccoli or Cauliflower

1/2 Cup of Nuts (No Peanuts)

Snacks (up to 2 a day)

Carrots, Celery, Radishes or Snap Peas

Dinner Choices (2 a night)

-Baked / Boiled Chicken breast with Lemon, dill and garlic

-Slow Cooked Beans (no sauce or sugars, probably seasoned with onions and garlic, maybe a touch of salt or jalapeno juice.)

-Salad containing Mixed Greens, tomatoes and purple onion. (Dressings can include low fat vinaigrette's or italian)

-Thin, small Steak seasoned with garlic and pepper

-1/2 Cup of Wild Rice, flavored with chicken broth

-Sweet Potato with 1 tsp of Smart Balance

Does this sound good?

Anything I may add?

(I'm up for variety :])

Thank you very much!

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    It sounds like you're not eating enough to be honest. I would say adding some extra food to lunch is the main priority.

    For breakfast, are you having some milk with your oats? It would be a great way to get calcium in. I suggest semi-skimmed/skimmed or soya over whole milk.

    Maybe add a source of protein to your lunch (other than the nuts) or a good wholegrain source of carbohydrates.

    Some vegetables sticks may be quite healthy, but they're a little dull. Perhaps you could wrap some slices of ham/chicken-ham around them or have them with a low-fat dip (e.g. LF humous, tzatziki, salsa, raita, LF cheese).

    A yogurt and some fruit would also make a great snack if you fancied something sweet.

    The salad sounds great.

    And the baked/boiled chicken is a good source of protein. Fish/seafood is also a good alternative.

    And well done for choosing wild rice. Brown and wild rice are higher in nutrients and fibre than white.

    Sweet potatoes are also quite a healthy source of fibre and carbohydrates.

    I would say you probably need a bit more dairy/calcium in your diet. Other than that, it sounds fine!

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    This sounds OK. You might want to try eating more raw foods. I'm a raw foodie, and when I first made the transition I started to lose weight at a fast pace, but I eventually reached my optimal normal weight. For me, eating mostly raw is a lifestyle, but it can be used temporarily as a diet and works rather well. So I would suggest to incorporate more raw foods in your diet. You should try to get your fresh veggies and fruits from farmers markets because they have the most nutrients. And check out my raw review blog at!

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