Good Pokemon Soulsilver team?

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Meganium (Grass)

Petal Dance


Sunny Day

Toxic/Poison Powder

Heracross (Bug/Fighting)



Close Combat

Shadow Claw

Lapras (Water/Ice)



Ice Beam

Body Slam

Rapidash (Fire)


Flare Blitz

Fire Blast

Solar Beam

Noctowl (Normal/Flying)



Air Slash


Ampharos (Electric)


Signal Beam

Thunder Wave

Power Gem

If there could be any improvements to this team, please let me know!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'm sorry, but if I rate this, it'd be pretty low..

    Here are some changes you could make (: :


    Petal Dance, Earthquake, Toxic, Recover/Light Screen/Reflect

    No need for sunny day or solar beam.. While u use sunny day and solar beam you could use 2 petal dances both with 180 power while sunny day is only 120.. With STAB, 2 Petal Dances= 270, while Solar beam = 180.. Earthquake is better on meganium since it resists electric typed attacks, toxic is way better than poison powder, and choose either recover, light screen, or reflect (I personally chose recover)


    Megahorn, Close combat, Stone Edge, Night Slash

    You don't need earthquake.. Stone edge is better against flying types which u are 4x weak against.. Night slash is better than shadow claw.. Stronger and better advantages

    Lapras is ok (:


    Flare blitz, Bounce, Megahorn, any move of ur choice..

    You don't need solar beam, you'd be dead by the time u use it..

    I dont really like rapidash, I prefer a houndoom with Flamethrower, Dark pulse, Thunder fang, and any move of ur choice


    Air slash, Psychic, Shadow ball, Silver wind

    Psychic is stronger than extrasensory, and shadow ball is for ghost types and psychics, and silver wind is just for type coverage u may not need silver wind, but I chose it (:

    Ampharos is ok, but u should replace that discharge with a thunder bolt which is stronger and desnt attack ur ally in double battles, and thunder wave can be changed with thunder for flying types who use fly.. U already have static as an ability an two moves that may paralyze ur foe (:

    Hope this helps! Have fun! (:

    --Moe (:

  • 9 years ago

    I would get a pokemon that knows crunch, but that's just my preference. You're team seems pretty good. I don't if you have looked into getting a psychic, but I would advise giving it a try.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    that's a great team I was going to get most of those pokemon for my team also MEGANIUM ROCKS

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