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snowmobile bogging out?

okay i have a 1980 kawasaki drifter 340 snowmobile, it will start and run good for a second or two and then bog out or just idle, i have tried just about everything to get it running, i have cleaned the carbs and gaped the plugs, changed the fuel line, cleaned the fuel pump, cleaned the fuel filter, adjusted every needle on the carb, i think that the sled is starved of fuel because when i prime it she will run but only off the prime, the snowmobile is a two stroke, i give it the amount of fuel it needs and oil, it does not make any sense, because last winter when i put the snowmobile away it ran like new, it would start up first try and go about 70 MPH at top speed, and when i started it up this year it would run for a couple hours and now it wont even run for 30 seconds, When i start it up it will run really good and fast for about a minit and then it will just bog out, i put new crank shaft seals in the engine last year and ran like new,

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    I had that problem once and it was the jets plugged up. I took them out, soaked in Gumout and ran a tiny wire through the small holes.

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    Have you checked for a mouse nest in the air filter canister?

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