How do black americans feel about there enslaved ancestors?

How do Black Americans feel about there enslaved ancestors?

How do blacks, or yourself if you are black, feel about your enslaved ancestors?

How does it make you feel? ANger? Pain?

And how does it feel to walk amongst those (white honkeys) whose ancestors enslaved your own ancestors?

And for them to also look you in the eye , wherever you might be, and they also ponder of how there grandfathers enslaved your grandfathers/mothers?

And one more thing, is the black men dating of white woman sort of a stamp , a sign to show that the slave has conquered and overthrown there master?

I am sure there are those who are truly in love, and I ask this in good faith.

It is ironic, over time blacks were once slaves, and now we have a black the tables have turned!

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  • 9 years ago

    Black Pharaoh - Do I REALLY need to point out historical atrocities linked to black/African populations? I can give you 1 though - Rwandan Genocide - I can give ya more if you so desire.

    Can we just admit that it's in human nature for people to treat their fellow man like crap, especially if they are different from themselves? "But, still we don't hold grudges. " Based on everything I've seen you post, I would have to disagree with your lack of grudge holding status.

    "and now we have a black the tables have turned!" - Not sure your mindset is the best way to gain acceptance and foster equality...just saying.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Absolute nothing,

    I don't know how it feels to be a slave so I have nothing to hate against. The whole world would hate White people if that was the case.


    - kill Native Americans

    - Drop Atomic bombs on Japanese

    - invade Vietnam

    - invade Iraq

    - kill taino Indians

    - invade hong kong

    -invade india

    - killed native Hawaiians

    - killed off aboriginals

    - killed Incas and Aztecs

    - camp Jews

    - kick Mexicans off their land

    See if we were to hold a grudge everyone would hate white people


    Everyone of color on this globe has been effected withe White people. They have fcked up this world. But, its alright to them. But, still we don't hold grudges. They hate us for no reason.

    -Black Pharaoh

  • Not so discreet troll question.

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